Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shopping in Albuquerque

Home sales are starting to move up and I'm seeing homes selling quicker! Especially NEW LISTINGS - fresh inventory is catching the eye of the buyers.
Speaking of buyers, I noticed something while shopping; I'm an avid shopper and even tho I've been on withdrawals b/c of conserving $$'s, I still like to kill some time and destress by window shopping (the ever hopeful "wish board")
I noticed today that both Costco and T.J. Maxx have ramped up the quality of the inventory - does this mean that maybe Albuquerque is moving up in the category of retail shops. I know that for a long time many of our national chains have not carried the same type of inventory as in other areas, and it has been because we aren't considered an "A" location.
Maybe now the "A" can stand for more than Albuquerque - back to shopping!

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