Monday, January 15, 2007


By ASSOCIATED PRESSJanuary 15, 2007 ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - The Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority is trying to recharge the aquifer beneath Albuquerque.The small research project will examine how the area can take advantage of extra water that can be saved for the future.The $985,000 project, the first of its kind in New Mexico, will divert water from the Rio Grande in the heart of the city into an arroyo, where it will seep into the ground.The study will begin this fall and will use about 1,000 acre-feet of river water. An acre-foot, about 326,000 gallons, can meet the annual water needs of one to two U.S. households.The project will determine how long it takes the water to reach the aquifer and how much of it gets there, said John Stomp, manager of the city-county water utility.The idea of storing some water in the aquifer is part of the utility's long-range plan."Aquifer storage and recovery is going to be a big benefit to the state of New Mexico," Stomp said.Storing some water underground also would allow the utility to reduce the evaporation seen by regular reservoirs, he said.The utility already diverts some water for parks and other sites. The research project will release river water stored in a tank in north Albuquerque into an arroyo, where it will flow for half a mile or so, then dry up. The flow will be less than a foot deep.Some water _ 5 percent to 10 percent _ will evaporate as it flows, but the rest should seep into the ground.The researchers will use monitoring wells and other sensors to track the water underground. Officials believe gravity should pull it 300 to 500 feet below the surface, where it will meet the water table in the aquifer.Officials also believe the underground rocks should help filter the water, improving its quality naturally.Eventually, the city wants to take river water, already purified to drinking water standards, and inject it straight into the aquifer through wells.The research project requires state approval. Utility officials are meeting with the state engineer and the state Environment Department.___

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


When I first started running I just hated it, which is why I started doing it. Kind of like everything I do, I take on the thing I don't like doing and do it if it sounds like it's a good idea. Real estate, too - and believe it or not COMPUTERS! That's a whole other story, but believe it or not, I was the 'least likely people' to get involved with technology. I started "running" a few steps after walking awhile. Pretty soon I realized I was running more than walking; then I was into keeping track of distance; then miles, then I was running marathons. I did quite a few, and those days are not now, but I still run/walk/get out - just because it feels good. I haven't run double digits for quite awhile, but that's my goal for this year is to start putting in 10-12 miles once in awhile, just because I love the way that feels. I used to struggle through real estate by realizing it was a lot like running - one step at a time; some days feel better than others. Some days you get injured and you don't quit, you just heal and start again. Then, sometimes you win! I loved running races because it's the kind of competition that everyone 'wins' according to their own goals. My biggest inspiration was when I ran the NY Marathon in 1992 - after the finish line you take about a 3 mile walk through Central Park to get to where the taxis are. I had my 20 dollar bill in my pocket, hailed a cab back to my hotel; got upstairs, ate the candy in the 'finisher's' bag and rested for a few minutes, called my friends back home; took a shower, got dressed, walked to the Polo Lounge, met friends and looked out the window. There were still people finishing. I started crying because I realized these were the people who had REAL spirit - they had been running/walking for 8 hours or more. They were on crutches, wheelchairs, or just plain slow, but they were finishing. It took me 3.5 hours and I thought I wasn't going to make it mentally. That's when I realized that everybody has it in them to finish whatever their goal is, and everyone's goal is their 'win'. So, with that sappy story I can say that just have fun with getting out there and moving the old body, it's just the greatest therapy and reward - and everyone have a super 2007!

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