Thursday, May 26, 2011

I really like getting your Albuquerque property flyers, I really do!

This blog post goes out to all of my broker friends in Albuquerque, trying hard to sell their listings...after all if you aren't trying hard to sell your listings, then why stay in the business, right? Let me just say this officially - I DO NOT mind getting your property flyers emailed to me. I know you have heard a million times "I can find what I want on the MLS! **%(#()@! Don't bother me!" I disagree. Sometimes, I just can't. Why? Because the MLS is a great tool for telling me the basics...address, area, size, bedrooms and whether it has a pool. Oh, and yes it tells me how much your brokerage is offering to me to close the property with you with a qualified buyer.

The MLS, however, is lacking in being able to spell out alot of really nice information that might fit my buyer just perfectly, based on me putting in a somewhat broad search in the MLS and taking alot of time to read all of your remarks (as space allows)

Many years ago our brokerage was the first to come out with the ability to send out flyers of our properties via email. Being forward thinking, I created a database of email addresses of all of the Realtors® in our brokerage, and sent out an email flyer about a property that I had listed. It had some unique characteristics about the living space which I wanted to point out, but was impossible to do in the MLS in a searchable field. The result of that emailing was alot of cuss words about "don't spam me with your stuff, I can look in the MLS"...but the best result was a SALE of the property to someone who read the flyer, noticed the unique characteristics, showed it to his buyer...and what do you know, presented a purchase agreement! Wow, now this is cool, I said to myself.

I guess you could say I support any brokers' efforts to try to sell a listing....I will attend broker opens, I will go on broker tours as I can find the time...if someone asks me to check out a listing personally as a 'second eye' to see what they can do to get it sold - I am more than happy to do it! After all, we are by the nature of the MLS, in a cooperative business and need to be cooperative.

What do I do with the hundreds of emails that I get on a daily basis, including those emailed flyers for properties that I might not have a buyer for at the moment? I have a few choices...I can bookmark them because I like them, I can forward them to someone else because I've heard from another broker something that reminds me to send this to them, or I can do what is so easy, just hit the DELETE key and move on. Don't cuss, don't complain, don't try to take some big social stand against what we should be able to find in the MLS....

So, next time you have a property flyer going out via email - rest assured I am going to look at it! Seriously, I am....but to make it more effective, point out an amazing feature that I might not know about via the MLS search. Like this feature, for example, this property has an outdoor bathroom!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Albuquerque Real Estate Trends Market Statistics

Albuquerque real estate market stats - these are some interesting stats from February 2010 to April 2011

Sandia Heights

Foothills area
North Albuquerque Acres
Academy West

Downtown area

Far Northeast Heights, Near Northeast Heights
North Valley areas

Four Hills

UNM Area

Paradise Hills
Ladera area
Uptown Area
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