Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Albuquerque: The Unknown

What's it like to live in Albuquerque?  Let this video tell you in real words!

Albuquerque: The Unknown from Puzzled Pictures on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tax Lightening in High Desert/Paako? Really?

I have to say that the media has it wrong again.  While some property owners in the High Desert and Paako areas might have seen an incorrect assessment on their properties, it's not a wide-sweeping all encompassing increase as the media has reported.

First hand experience, my assessment hasn't increased.  First hand knowledge, I looked at my Notice of Value.  No issues here.

While I don't argue that some homeowners have been incorrectly assessed because of inflated pricing and sales from a few years back, or 'guesstimates' again by the assessor office (living in a limited disclosure state does have its drawbacks).....not every single home has been increased to the extent that it should be front page news.

But, what's news without a little shouting?

So far the sales statistics being reported aren't widely accurate, even the ones coming from our own trade association...and all that you read in the headlines isn't the real deal...

Get some real stats on your own, study your tax bill if you live in these areas.  

Happy spring!

Monday, May 10, 2010

April Jobs Report - impact on our economy

We received some very positive economic news this morning with the April Jobs report. There were approximately 290,000 new jobs created in April. This was the biggest rise in jobs since March, 2006. There were 66,000 census workers included in the 290,000 jobs creation number for April. However, since December there have been 573,000 new non-farm payroll jobs created. The biggest jobs gains have come over the last two months. The unemployment rate is still being reported at approximately 9.9%.

The April jobs report is another sign that our economy is starting to improve. As the economy continues to improve and consumer confidence increases we will see increases in home prices and home buying activity. The Albuquerque real estate market and local economy are starting to improve as well.

The mortgage market, guidelines and regulations are changing everyday. There has never been a more important time than now to work with an experienced, proven mortgage company.

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

What now after the tax incentive?

I've seen alot of media coverage this week regarding the deadline for the tax credit for buyers, and whether it made things 'busier' than usual.

This I can only address from my personal team experience - we are busier for clients coming AFTER the deadline has passed than during the tax credit bonus program.

We have more people, in higher price ranges, scheduled to see homes next week (and they are prequalified and ready to buy right away) than we did in the last couple of months.

Of the clients we have served over the last couple of months, only a small percentage of those clients referenced the tax credit deadline as a crunch time and a reason for buying. It did not feel to us like that was the primary incentive for them to buy a home.

What I am noticing during my twice daily checks of the market is that the higher end areas are selling right now, and of those homes that are selling - most have had substantial to moderate price reductions. The sellers have been getting more competitive in the market pricing strategies to get their homes sold, resulting in more pending sales in that price range from 500K and up.

Another interesting this is that I have had more sign/web calls on properties that have been on the market, gone pending - only to have the phone ring with someone inquiring "what happened to that house, I've been watching it for months and now it's not on your website anymore!" Yes, it finally sold! I believe that buyers are going to experience more disappointments by not moving ahead on properties that they really like - thinking that they can 'wait things out'...only to find their dream home being secured by another buyer contract.

These are all good 'experience' signs for the market that buyers and sellers might be showing us activity that proves to be healthy for our housing market.

Cheers to all!

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