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Market stats for Single Family Properties in ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87111

Market stats for Single Family Properties in ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87111: Market stats for Single Family properties in ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87111 as of 07 Oct 2011 Median Price: $310,000 Mean Price: $423,365 Inventory: 263 Market Heat: 20.84 Days on Market: 167 Price per Square Foot: $132 Median Square Feet: 2,361 Median Lot Size: 8,712 Average Beds: 3.46 Average Baths: 2.44 Average Age: 23

Market stats for Condo Properties in ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87111

Market stats for Condo Properties in ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87111: Market stats for Condo properties in ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87111 as of 07 Oct 2011 Median Price: $175,000 Mean Price: $182,141 Inventory: 85 Market Heat: 10.55 Days on Market: 163 Price per Square Foot: $119 Median Square Feet: 1,444 Median Lot Size: n/a Average Beds: 2.39 Average Baths: 1.98 Average Age: 21

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sometimes real estate is way too serious....

So, in light of wanting to do something light - here is a great clip with some amazing homes on the market - enjoy!

Have any interesting Albuquerque homes to share?

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Can I go see a few houses?" An Albuquerque Tale

So you have come to Albuquerque and just want to see a few houses?

Ever wondered what it takes to get in to see a ‘few houses’?  Seems easy enough, sellers have their house on the market, it should be accessible at a moments’ notice to qualified buyers, right?

Here’s a typical scenario:

House A, House B, House C, House D, House E

House A is shown by “lockbox call first” LBCF…buyer’s broker calls number and leaves a message that they will be showing the house at 2:00 pm (that’s what LBCF means, leave a message and then show)…

House B is shown by “appointment with listing broker, appointment with seller”.  AWL, AWO  Buyer’s broker calls listing broker and leaves a message “we would like to show the house at 2:45 after our 2:00 showing at the first property.  Please confirm”   

House C is shown “vacant lockbox”, VLB – this should be easy enough, that means it’s vacant and show anytime.  But the private remarks to the broker say “please call listing office before showing”…okay, easy enough – “I’m going to show the house sometime during the afternoon.”

House D is another “lockbox call first” but also Pet Present….So, buyer’s broker calls and says “I’m going to show the house later in the afternoon, I understand there is a pet, no problem my buyers are animal lovers!”

Okay, wait for it, this is where the fun starts.

House A calls back and says “Oh, we can’t show it then, we have a luncheon and can only show it the day after…you’ll have to wait.  (Geez, this was my buyers’ favorite property, and they are only in town one day, approval letter in hand)   “No way around this, how about earlier, my buyers really wanted to see this house while they are in town”….”No”, responds the seller, “the next day only.”

Okay, wipe it off the list for now.  Sent email to buyer to say “can’t see that one, sorry”.  Buyer emails back…”well, disappointed, but let’s put another one in it’s place”.  Okay, we can do that.  We’ll call that property House F.

House C calls and says “you have to come at 2:00 because the gardeners will be there and the sellers don’t want any noise at the property during showings…sorry for the inconvenience”…Oh, no problem as we have wiped out the House A at 2:00…Okay, so House B goes into the 2:00 time slot.

Wait, we have to now call House F and set up that showing, and it’s another LBCF…so leave a message “we are going to be showing your property at around 2:30-3:00”.

House D then calls and says that we have to show at 6:00 pm because the pets will be there with the home groomers…they want us to go at 2:30…that’s going to be a hard call so we call back House F and change the showing time slot to more like 3:00 pm.

Now, you guessed it, House A calls back and says “We really want you to come at 2:00 because we think it’s a good idea for your clients to see this house since they are only in town for one day…”

House F stands ready to show anytime with no problem.
BACK to the drawing board and the calls begin again.  I tell the buyer we are moving House A back into the 2:00 time slot, and we have to move House B to a 2:30 – 3:00 time guessed it – that isn’t a good time for them.
Eventually after hours of calls backs and changes of mind, I get 3 homes scheduled, as 2 didn’t make the cut  of the time slot and my buyers simply said “if it’s so hard to get in to see this property, it doesn’t sound like they are really motivated to sell, does it?”
What have we learned here?  Make it easy to show your house, anytime no matter what your schedule is.  Selling your home can be an inconvenient process, but the more ‘sellable’ you make your home by making it easy to see, the quicker the desired outcome!

For more tips and ideas about how to sell or buy a home, and the insider's stories, Contact me anytime!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't tell!

This blog today is directed towards my fellow Realtors® and to their and future clients....

I've been getting alot of calls lately, that go like this "Hi, I'm [mumble] with [mumble] Realty, and I'm calling on that house you have on {fill in the blank}....Is it vacant?  What's the story?  Are the owners usually home?"

Stop, look and listen!  I had a sneaky feeling a few times that these weren't really brokers, they were someone wanting something other than good things for that house and my clients.  What confirmed my feeling is when I would just simply tell them - "well, thanks so much for wanting to get more info, everything you need to know is in the MLS..."  The long pause that followed was the giveaway.  A few times the response was easily proven to be that of a legitimate broker with legitimate questions....the others were quite obviously not.

Yes, there are people out there who want bad things for your properties.  In our Albuquerque market there are over 2700 members of the MLS.  I can't keep up with every new licensee, so it's very often that when they give a name and company name, I have no idea who they are...and they might be for real, absolutely!  They also might not be...and have gotten clever about how to case a house by pretending to be 'one of us.'

And for those of you who have your home for sale, remind your broker not to tell anyone if the property is vacant if they get the casual question...don't tell them what your circumstances are, why you are selling, or how often you are home...these are all questions that can be used in a bad way.

Let's be careful out there!

Happy selling...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Real Estate estate sales in Albuquerque

One of the most complicated elements of real estate is when you have to sell a house that it is an estate, or when your loved ones are moving on to a retirement home.  You are left with not only a home to sell, but you are also left with items left behind, repairs to do, and the unknowns in how to sell a home you have never lived in.

I have a great team of experts that can assist you throughout the process.

For the personal items left in the home, I have some great resources to offer.  I have participated in auction sales of personal items, antique appraisals and smaller estate sales of personal items.  My team of experts can help you no matter how large or small the project is.

Some precious items have been left to friends and relatives?  I have a great mini-move service expert that can handle the smallest table to the largest piano and ship it anywhere in the country.  If you need a climate controlled storage facility to store items until they find their new home, I have that, too.

I have a great list of handy man services and full service licensed contractors that can assist with repairs that may be needed in order to sell the home.

Finally, if you need a good resource for probate attorneys, I have worked with the best!

Let me handle your estate sale from beginning to end and make the process easier for your family.

Contact me anytime for a free evaluation of your estate sale.

Friday, July 29, 2011

"Can I just go see this house right now?"

If you are an Albuquerque real estate professional, anywhere, you have received this call.  "Hi, I want to see this house right now."

If you are a home buyer, or just a curious window shopper, you have probably made this call.

Here is why that call is just not the best way to go about shopping for a home.

1.  Have you talked to a lender about getting financing?

I know, you don't think 'it's a problem', you know your financial situation like the back of your hand and you know you can get the money.  In fact, you might have it all in cash, stashed away just waiting for the right house.  But, if you can't provide your real estate professional that information, you may not get into the house!  Many sellers today are requiring that their homes not be shown to anyone who can't substantiate that they have talked to a lender or provided enough information to establish themselves as real home buyers.  This is a rather strange world we live in now, and security has become the main focus of our every day living.  Why would a home seller want to open their doors to just anyone looking?  If you have taken the time to talk to a lender, starting the process of preparing yourself to actually buy...the sellers have more confidence that they are showing their homes to someone who isn't casing the joint, looking on a Chamber of Commerce tour, or just kicking tires.  It takes alot of time for a seller to get a house ready to show, leave the house for the showing, and then get back to the day's activities.  Not to mention it is, first and foremost, their private property.  It shows respect for the seller and the process to establish yourself as a qualified purchaser.

2.  It's the seller's private takes effort to prepare the house to show!

See number 1 above.  I can't stress it enough.

3.  Are you working with a broker already to see homes?

If you are making this call to my office because your broker is out of town, can't be reached, or is otherwise not available to show you homes themselves, then you need to have a talk with your own broker.  There are ethics involved in meeting with another broker or agent's clients.  Enough said.

4.  What are your plans, really?

Who are you, what are your goals, what is your present situation?  Why are you moving?  It's really a better approach to find a broker first to frame the home buying process, rather than shooting a shotgun and see where it sticks.    Come to our office, have a consultation about what your buying needs are, your plans, your wishes....otherwise, skepticism reigns supreme.

5.  I want to buy from the listing broker, I'll save money.

Really?  Probably not.  Our listing contracts are confidential between us and the sellers.  Only if we have an agreement in the listing contract that if we sell it ourselves the buyer reaps the benefits of a reduced commission will that happen.   The winner is the listing broker.

6.  I'm in town for a few days and really just want to see a few houses to see what they are like.

See Number 1.  Ask for a drive-around self tour package; I do them all the time!  It will send you through neighborhoods with printed information about each house for sale, or past sales, and you get to 'feel' the neighborhood for yourself.   I promise you will get the information you need about the area, the neighborhoods and the city with a self-guided package. Email me today and I'll set one up for you.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Albuquerque MLS real estate search

Here is a great place to find homes in the "High Desert" area of Albuquerque, New Mexico - NE Heights and foothills area search

The foothills of Albuquerque are very popular for their hiking trails, biking trails and the great views of the Sandia Mountains. A 'high desert' terrain offers very low maintenance landscaping with low water usage plants. If you like desert living, this is a great place to start.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Median report by Real Estate Board in New Mexico

Report listing median prices as reported by each Realtor® board in New Mexico

Friday, June 10, 2011

Albuquerque Relocation Package

Here's your new Albuquerque Relocation Package - we hope you find this a useful tool and contact us anytime for more information! You can find us here, anytime

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Too Many Errors Found in Listing Information?

Here's a great article on how you should choose carefully the websites that you use to find homes for sale on-line. I hear this every day, people using, Trulia, and other sites that may not have updated MLS feed.

On a site like mine, however, the provider that I use to gather the MLS data is updated at least once a day, so anything that sells is removed from the list, and new listings are shown immediately. When you register for a saved search, you can get immediate updates of any changes in the Albuquerque real estate market. REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Too Many Errors Found in Listing Information?

To work with a great team for your home search, call us today!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Mesa del Sol lands 50,000 s.f. data center | New Mexico Business Weekly

Great industry coming to Mesa Del Sol community - good for jobs, good for the community. If you haven't checked out Mesa Del Sol, do so today - it's a great community for the future. If you need a great real estate team to help you pick out the best property for you, call us today! Mesa del Sol lands 50,000 s.f. data center | New Mexico Business Weekly

Albuquerque Real Estate Supply/Demand statistics

For more information on Albuquerque real estate, or if you need help with analyzing this data, feel free to contact us anytime.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Home showing feedback - what do you think?

I've been asked by one of my clients to show one of your properties.  You find out about the showing by either your client telling you, or you see it on the Supra update.  That tool is a great resource for letting us track our showings and keeping us informed even when we have a vacant listing, isn't it?  I remember when the lockboxes weren't as 'smart' and we had to run around every week to 'read' the keybox to see who had been there.  With today's technology we can easily see who has shown our properties, time/date.  Great for security and great for servicing our clients.

The next thing that I expect to find after the showing is a request for feedback.  While I don't mind getting a phone call, sometimes it's not as effective as getting a detailed email request for feedback - the reason being I might be standing in line at the grocery store, waiting in my dentist's office, or with a client.  Not very efficient for letting you know details of the showing.  Plus - and an important PLUS - is that there is nothing to remind me of this a picture or a description.....something to jog my juggled memory about which property this was.

For this reason I love, LOVE email feedback requests.  The request should include a picture of the property - this way I can easily remember which property it was, and let you know what my client's response to the property was.  

Why do I think feedback is important?  Often I get the response 'hey we didn't make an offer, that's feedback enough isn't it?'   No, not really.  We are in the people AND property business.  The properties don't speak to us, require consultations and don't care what we are doing when we aren't at the property.  But the people do.  People are the clients, and the clients have no idea what goes on in our crazy real estate world like we do.  It's the people who get hustled out of their homes, getting ready for a showing, spend their time outside their homes while we are there showing, and then worrying and wondering what happened after we left.  Don't you think they are going crazy wanting to know what goes on after we leave?  What was that conversation that we had with our buyer clients as we pulled away from the house?  What did they think?

I have an empathy for anyone selling their home.  I have sold two of my own homes, and there is nothing that makes you understand what's it like to be a home seller more than being one yourself.  Even with 16 years of experience as a Realtor®, it never softened my anxiety when I took on the role of 'home seller'.  Waiting for the feedback, waiting for the offer or maybe not....what did the buyers think?  Are they coming back?  When am I moving!  Help!

We are a cooperative business.  A strange cooperative business, as we are also competitors, but we are a business that depends on cooperation.  I love giving phone is hard because I might not be able to remember which house it was, or be able to tell you about the experience in email is fabulous.

Give me feedback and I'll promise I'll give you some back.

Have a great selling season Albuquerque Brokers, and Happy Summer!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I really like getting your Albuquerque property flyers, I really do!

This blog post goes out to all of my broker friends in Albuquerque, trying hard to sell their listings...after all if you aren't trying hard to sell your listings, then why stay in the business, right? Let me just say this officially - I DO NOT mind getting your property flyers emailed to me. I know you have heard a million times "I can find what I want on the MLS! **%(#()@! Don't bother me!" I disagree. Sometimes, I just can't. Why? Because the MLS is a great tool for telling me the basics...address, area, size, bedrooms and whether it has a pool. Oh, and yes it tells me how much your brokerage is offering to me to close the property with you with a qualified buyer.

The MLS, however, is lacking in being able to spell out alot of really nice information that might fit my buyer just perfectly, based on me putting in a somewhat broad search in the MLS and taking alot of time to read all of your remarks (as space allows)

Many years ago our brokerage was the first to come out with the ability to send out flyers of our properties via email. Being forward thinking, I created a database of email addresses of all of the Realtors® in our brokerage, and sent out an email flyer about a property that I had listed. It had some unique characteristics about the living space which I wanted to point out, but was impossible to do in the MLS in a searchable field. The result of that emailing was alot of cuss words about "don't spam me with your stuff, I can look in the MLS"...but the best result was a SALE of the property to someone who read the flyer, noticed the unique characteristics, showed it to his buyer...and what do you know, presented a purchase agreement! Wow, now this is cool, I said to myself.

I guess you could say I support any brokers' efforts to try to sell a listing....I will attend broker opens, I will go on broker tours as I can find the time...if someone asks me to check out a listing personally as a 'second eye' to see what they can do to get it sold - I am more than happy to do it! After all, we are by the nature of the MLS, in a cooperative business and need to be cooperative.

What do I do with the hundreds of emails that I get on a daily basis, including those emailed flyers for properties that I might not have a buyer for at the moment? I have a few choices...I can bookmark them because I like them, I can forward them to someone else because I've heard from another broker something that reminds me to send this to them, or I can do what is so easy, just hit the DELETE key and move on. Don't cuss, don't complain, don't try to take some big social stand against what we should be able to find in the MLS....

So, next time you have a property flyer going out via email - rest assured I am going to look at it! Seriously, I am....but to make it more effective, point out an amazing feature that I might not know about via the MLS search. Like this feature, for example, this property has an outdoor bathroom!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Albuquerque Real Estate Trends Market Statistics

Albuquerque real estate market stats - these are some interesting stats from February 2010 to April 2011

Sandia Heights

Foothills area
North Albuquerque Acres
Academy West

Downtown area

Far Northeast Heights, Near Northeast Heights
North Valley areas

Four Hills

UNM Area

Paradise Hills
Ladera area
Uptown Area
Thank you for reviewing this information. When you need more information, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using FaceTime ... Really an interesting tool! How do you use it? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Location:Silver Peak Pl NE,Albuquerque,United States

Can we live together?

That's the question I asked myself as I was moving towards getting an iPhone. Okay, so I have the iPad already, but didn't see the need for a new phone..moving closer to Apple products and still hanging on to my PC...can it be done? Does it make sense? I'm here to tell's possible and does it work for business? Yes, it does. I think I may have the perfect combination of work tools for my real estate business now. My toolbox is now packed with amazing hammers and drills to make your home sale or purchase easier and faster with less stress on you. And, besides, I love the iPhone and iPad for shopping, reading books and gathering recipes.

Monday, April 11, 2011

6 Dangers in Real Estate: Real Estate Safety: REALTOR Magazine

6 Dangers in Real Estate: Real Estate Safety: REALTOR Magazine Have you ever wondered why being a prequalified buyer is so very important? Here's a great article about it through our looking glass. Safe practices makes for safe selling! Please consider this while you are trying to sell your home, or buy a home in the Albuquerque area.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

61 Circle Drive, Albuquerque, New Mexico

COMPLETELY OFF GRID! No more utility bills with all the conveniences of city living Fantastic property, completely off grid - no more PNM bills! Completely self contained, solar/propane generator, private well, septic - raised gardens, green house, sprinkler system; fully fenced, 1.8 acres - located minutes from Trader Joe's and Tramway area, simply amazing. Private and secluded! For your showing contact us today!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Great app site for iPad and iPhone users

I haven't had much time or inspiration to blog lately about Albuquerque real estate or homes - idle hands/idle minds! Finally back to the market swing - but using my iPad for my real estate business has made me an iPad app stalker! I just found this great site to find great apps, with their rankings. Check it out!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Qualify to buy before you sell | Inman News

Qualify to buy before you sell Inman News This story is bringing you absolutely great information! Don't go home shopping or selling before qualifying - failed processes result in failed expectations! When selling your Albuquerque home, be sure you have gone down each path, that you have looked at every possible outcome. Absolutely make sure of your total payoffs on your property, including liens, mortgages, credit lines, etc. What you gain from the sale of your present home will have everything to do with what new Albuquerque home you can buy.

Contact the eTeam today and talk to a professional.

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