Friday, September 30, 2011

Sometimes real estate is way too serious....

So, in light of wanting to do something light - here is a great clip with some amazing homes on the market - enjoy!

Have any interesting Albuquerque homes to share?

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Can I go see a few houses?" An Albuquerque Tale

So you have come to Albuquerque and just want to see a few houses?

Ever wondered what it takes to get in to see a ‘few houses’?  Seems easy enough, sellers have their house on the market, it should be accessible at a moments’ notice to qualified buyers, right?

Here’s a typical scenario:

House A, House B, House C, House D, House E

House A is shown by “lockbox call first” LBCF…buyer’s broker calls number and leaves a message that they will be showing the house at 2:00 pm (that’s what LBCF means, leave a message and then show)…

House B is shown by “appointment with listing broker, appointment with seller”.  AWL, AWO  Buyer’s broker calls listing broker and leaves a message “we would like to show the house at 2:45 after our 2:00 showing at the first property.  Please confirm”   

House C is shown “vacant lockbox”, VLB – this should be easy enough, that means it’s vacant and show anytime.  But the private remarks to the broker say “please call listing office before showing”…okay, easy enough – “I’m going to show the house sometime during the afternoon.”

House D is another “lockbox call first” but also Pet Present….So, buyer’s broker calls and says “I’m going to show the house later in the afternoon, I understand there is a pet, no problem my buyers are animal lovers!”

Okay, wait for it, this is where the fun starts.

House A calls back and says “Oh, we can’t show it then, we have a luncheon and can only show it the day after…you’ll have to wait.  (Geez, this was my buyers’ favorite property, and they are only in town one day, approval letter in hand)   “No way around this, how about earlier, my buyers really wanted to see this house while they are in town”….”No”, responds the seller, “the next day only.”

Okay, wipe it off the list for now.  Sent email to buyer to say “can’t see that one, sorry”.  Buyer emails back…”well, disappointed, but let’s put another one in it’s place”.  Okay, we can do that.  We’ll call that property House F.

House C calls and says “you have to come at 2:00 because the gardeners will be there and the sellers don’t want any noise at the property during showings…sorry for the inconvenience”…Oh, no problem as we have wiped out the House A at 2:00…Okay, so House B goes into the 2:00 time slot.

Wait, we have to now call House F and set up that showing, and it’s another LBCF…so leave a message “we are going to be showing your property at around 2:30-3:00”.

House D then calls and says that we have to show at 6:00 pm because the pets will be there with the home groomers…they want us to go at 2:30…that’s going to be a hard call so we call back House F and change the showing time slot to more like 3:00 pm.

Now, you guessed it, House A calls back and says “We really want you to come at 2:00 because we think it’s a good idea for your clients to see this house since they are only in town for one day…”

House F stands ready to show anytime with no problem.
BACK to the drawing board and the calls begin again.  I tell the buyer we are moving House A back into the 2:00 time slot, and we have to move House B to a 2:30 – 3:00 time guessed it – that isn’t a good time for them.
Eventually after hours of calls backs and changes of mind, I get 3 homes scheduled, as 2 didn’t make the cut  of the time slot and my buyers simply said “if it’s so hard to get in to see this property, it doesn’t sound like they are really motivated to sell, does it?”
What have we learned here?  Make it easy to show your house, anytime no matter what your schedule is.  Selling your home can be an inconvenient process, but the more ‘sellable’ you make your home by making it easy to see, the quicker the desired outcome!

For more tips and ideas about how to sell or buy a home, and the insider's stories, Contact me anytime!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't tell!

This blog today is directed towards my fellow Realtors® and to their and future clients....

I've been getting alot of calls lately, that go like this "Hi, I'm [mumble] with [mumble] Realty, and I'm calling on that house you have on {fill in the blank}....Is it vacant?  What's the story?  Are the owners usually home?"

Stop, look and listen!  I had a sneaky feeling a few times that these weren't really brokers, they were someone wanting something other than good things for that house and my clients.  What confirmed my feeling is when I would just simply tell them - "well, thanks so much for wanting to get more info, everything you need to know is in the MLS..."  The long pause that followed was the giveaway.  A few times the response was easily proven to be that of a legitimate broker with legitimate questions....the others were quite obviously not.

Yes, there are people out there who want bad things for your properties.  In our Albuquerque market there are over 2700 members of the MLS.  I can't keep up with every new licensee, so it's very often that when they give a name and company name, I have no idea who they are...and they might be for real, absolutely!  They also might not be...and have gotten clever about how to case a house by pretending to be 'one of us.'

And for those of you who have your home for sale, remind your broker not to tell anyone if the property is vacant if they get the casual question...don't tell them what your circumstances are, why you are selling, or how often you are home...these are all questions that can be used in a bad way.

Let's be careful out there!

Happy selling...

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