Sunday, November 22, 2009 - Some experts say now is time to list home on market - Some experts say now is time to list home on market Don't wait! The right buyer could come along while you have your home off the market; your neighbor's house for sale will sell and you will be left behind. It's an old fashioned notion that to sell your Albuquerque home, you somehow have to capture the 'back to school' market, but in today's technological world that just isn't true. Buyers have been watching and planning, and job shifts have brought on new times to move. Put your Albuquerque home on the market now to get in front of the new buyers' eyes.

Monday, November 16, 2009

13 Reasons to List During the Holidays in November and December

Here are the reasons to list your Albuquerque home for sale during the kidding!
1. There is less competition for buyers. 2. Winter prospects are more serious buyers. 3. Your home looks better during the holidays. 4. One of the highest percentages if “the listing sold” to “listing taken” occurs during this time of year. 5. Expanded Home Buyer Tax Credit, for First-Time Home Buyers and Existing Home Buyers (specified criteria applies as defined by law). 6. You may receive more money for your home now because you have less competition. 7. Throughout the holiday season, you may restrict showings during your personal family events. 8. Buyers have more time to look at homes during the holidays, especially during vacations. 9. January is traditionally the biggest transfer month and you must be on the market to capture that market. 10. By selling now you can have a delayed closing or extended occupancy until the beginning of the following year if you want it. 11. When you sell during the winter you have an opportunity to buy during the spring, when many homes are on the market. 12. You may have fewer actual showings, but more qualified and motivated prospects. 13. Corporate transfers, who need to buy a home now, can’t wait until spring.

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