Tuesday, February 22, 2005


************Call to Action*************** The final East Downtown (EDO) Master Plan will be heard in the Albuquerque City Council on Wednesday, February 23, 2005, 5:00 p.m. in the basement of City Hall. The EDO Master Plan is supported by the AMBR/CARNM Legislative Committee. What Can You Do to Help? Please attend if you can and express your support for this community effort. If you cannot attend, please contact your councilor and ask for a vote to pass the EDO Master Plan. Summary of the East Downtown (EDO) Master Plan The plan is a comprehensive vision for the redevelopment of Central Avenue and Broadway Boulevard between I-25 and downtown and between MLK and Coal. With historic Albuquerque High taking the lead, the area is rapidly and positively changing. In the past 3 years, there have been 70 new residential lease units and 110 residential sale units in addition to retail and office space. This plan extends those efforts with a 20 year roadmap providing for over 1,500 new residences and 600,000 square feet of ground level commercial space. The plan was a collaboration of the Broadway Central Corridors Partnership, a non-profit official Neighborhood Association with approximately 200 members who are residents, business owners and property owners, surrounding neighborhoods and key City of Albuquerque staff. These groups went to the neighborhood to solicit feedback and synthesized the feedback and detail into the Draft Master Plan.. This was followed by public hearings by the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission (LUCC) and the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC). It has broad-based support from the business community in Albuquerque. Miguel A. Gómez, Vice-President District 1 Michael L. McCan, Staff Assistant (505) 768-3106 Debbie O'Malley District 2 Kelly Sanchez-Pare, Staff Assistant (505) 768-3159 Eric Griego District 3 Kelly Sanchez-Pare, Staff Assistant (505) 768-3159 Brad Winter, President District 4 Diana Trujeque, Staff Assistant (505) 768-3101 Michael J. Cadigan District 5 Diana Trujeque, Staff Assistant (505) 768-3101 Martin Heinrich District 6 Javier Benavidez, Staff Assistant (505) 768-3152 Sally Mayer District 7 Patricia Galindo, Staff Assistant (505) 768-3136 Craig Loy District 8 Michael L. McCan, Staff Assistant (505) 768-3106 Tina Cummins District 9 Patricia Galindo, Staff Assistant (505) 768-3136
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