Wednesday, January 03, 2007


When I first started running I just hated it, which is why I started doing it. Kind of like everything I do, I take on the thing I don't like doing and do it if it sounds like it's a good idea. Real estate, too - and believe it or not COMPUTERS! That's a whole other story, but believe it or not, I was the 'least likely people' to get involved with technology. I started "running" a few steps after walking awhile. Pretty soon I realized I was running more than walking; then I was into keeping track of distance; then miles, then I was running marathons. I did quite a few, and those days are not now, but I still run/walk/get out - just because it feels good. I haven't run double digits for quite awhile, but that's my goal for this year is to start putting in 10-12 miles once in awhile, just because I love the way that feels. I used to struggle through real estate by realizing it was a lot like running - one step at a time; some days feel better than others. Some days you get injured and you don't quit, you just heal and start again. Then, sometimes you win! I loved running races because it's the kind of competition that everyone 'wins' according to their own goals. My biggest inspiration was when I ran the NY Marathon in 1992 - after the finish line you take about a 3 mile walk through Central Park to get to where the taxis are. I had my 20 dollar bill in my pocket, hailed a cab back to my hotel; got upstairs, ate the candy in the 'finisher's' bag and rested for a few minutes, called my friends back home; took a shower, got dressed, walked to the Polo Lounge, met friends and looked out the window. There were still people finishing. I started crying because I realized these were the people who had REAL spirit - they had been running/walking for 8 hours or more. They were on crutches, wheelchairs, or just plain slow, but they were finishing. It took me 3.5 hours and I thought I wasn't going to make it mentally. That's when I realized that everybody has it in them to finish whatever their goal is, and everyone's goal is their 'win'. So, with that sappy story I can say that just have fun with getting out there and moving the old body, it's just the greatest therapy and reward - and everyone have a super 2007!
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