Thursday, January 03, 2008

Certified ACRE® Consultant

I have received my ACRE® certification. What does this mean to the consumer? Real estate professionals who have earned the ACRE™ designation have completed a course of study and taken an exam that tests their ability to provide unbiased counsel to the consumer in matters that deal with real estate. ACRE™ members consult WITH their clients, not sell to them. So, rather than hiring a salesperson whose sole focus tends to be "making the sale," a consumer should look to a consultant who's focus is to help their clients attain their goals, which may or may not involve a sale. In addition, ACRE™ members who are listed on our website continue to work with the authors of the real estate consulting concept, as well as all of the other ACRE™ graduates from around the country, through the Graduate Coaching Program, thereby continuously increasing their knowledge and skills, and staying current with market shifts and trends. Copyright ©2006—2008 All Rights Reserved ACRE Council, LLC I'm very excited about this new level of knowledge, and the course work that I took to achieve this certification has truly given me a greater understanding of the benefits to the consumer as well my value to them in a real estate transaction. Come to my website today for more information about my services at
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