Friday, February 06, 2009

Should we share SOLD and PENDING data?

There is a debate about whether we, as real estate professionals, should share SOLD and PENDING data so easily with the public. My view? Yes,and why not? We aren't the gate keepers of the data so that customers need us just for this info. We are consultants. Our knowledge and training goes far beyond just being gatekeepers. There are alot of real estate business models that only allow for putting data INTO the MLS system without any consulting and that business model never seems to really leap beyond the customers real needs. I am often taking over the listings of these business models. Why? The consumers are needing advice, they are needing guidance and professionalism. By sharing this data I believe we will begin having real transparency in the system. No longer will we experience listing brokers trying to cheat the data by changing addresses to hide the true market time statistics, we won't have constant re-lists in an attempt to hide from the public how long the property has really been on the market. With transparancy the public is better prepared for our consultative relationship. If the consumer has the ability to have the real information about a property, then we as real estate professionals will have the opportunity really carry out our knowledge and assistance in helping the consumer through the tough choices, the possible legal ramifications that are present in many transactions and become the true consultants that we are trained to be.
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