Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have to apologize on behalf of myself, my organization and anyone else who published the wrong information last weekend regarding the new ordinance requiring LOW FLOW TOILETS with regard to real estate sales. It was published by our association - to the media at KOAT - and then to the public at large that it would be a SELLER REQUIREMENT to replace toilets with low flow toilets before the completion of a sale of real estate. After reading the new ordinance (which was included with the report) it came to my attention that this information that was dispensed by both the news media and my trade association was incorrect. The ordinance clearly states that it will be the responsiblity of the BUYER of the property to comply with the ordinance within a particular time frame after the sale is complete. My error was trusting the information that comes out of my assocation, and then to the media and then dispensed to the public as if it were true. This is a great lesson in being sure to verify everything that comes across your desk, no matter who is saying it. Have a great New Year, and here's to good reporting!
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