Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How important is a good website to sell your Albuquerque home?

Sometimes we, as Realtors, have our best experiences in real estate when we become the customer. This happened to me recently. I have a rental property that has been rented since I purchased it a few years ago. I have it managed by a professional property management company. In December I received the 30 day notice that my tenant was moving out and moving on. Terror! In this dicey real estate market, what were the chances that I would get my property rented again? I still had photos of the property from when the home was purchased, and since we have a property type in our Multiple Listing System for rental properties, I thought - why not? I didn't want to manage the property myself, but I certainly wanted to help in the marketing of it to get a good new tenant. So, one afternoon I sat down and entered the home into the Albuquerque MLS as a rental available. I put the contact information in for brokers who would see it in MLS to contact my property manager for showings to their clients, and offered a compensation should another broker have a tenant for me. I got several inquiries because it suddenly, of course, showed up on my website. My website has very high rankings for the top keyword searches for Albuquerque real estate {usually number one}, so when people were looking for Albuquerque real estate - my site came up and my 'featured listings' are looked at before anything else. One afternoon I received a call from a customer who was really interested. She was thinking of renting an apartment but when she saw the property on the website and saw it's location with the mapping feature, she called me right away. I had her contact my property manager for the rental details and now I have a very nice family moving into my rental property! So, there you go. A success story right from real time experience. How important is it that your property for sale shows up on the Number One real estate website, and is featured on that website for people to see? It's very important! I can attest to that!
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