Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tax Lightening in High Desert/Paako? Really?

I have to say that the media has it wrong again.  While some property owners in the High Desert and Paako areas might have seen an incorrect assessment on their properties, it's not a wide-sweeping all encompassing increase as the media has reported.

First hand experience, my assessment hasn't increased.  First hand knowledge, I looked at my Notice of Value.  No issues here.

While I don't argue that some homeowners have been incorrectly assessed because of inflated pricing and sales from a few years back, or 'guesstimates' again by the assessor office (living in a limited disclosure state does have its drawbacks).....not every single home has been increased to the extent that it should be front page news.

But, what's news without a little shouting?

So far the sales statistics being reported aren't widely accurate, even the ones coming from our own trade association...and all that you read in the headlines isn't the real deal...

Get some real stats on your own, study your tax bill if you live in these areas.  

Happy spring!
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