Monday, August 30, 2010

#7 in a Series of 8 Articles – LANDSCAPING your Albuquerque home

Look at landscaping as the “Cherry on the Sundae” – you need potential buyers to want to stop and look at the house. Curb appeal is very important – I can’t stress this enough! If the landscaping is lacking the general overall impression is so is the rest of the house – not good. Remember, Xeriscaping does not mean rock and only rock. Here in the Southwest, water is a very important commodity and today’s savvy home buyers are keeping this in mind.

The backyard is just as important – it needs to be manicured and if possible, staged as an extra entertainment area. Even small patios can be used as an extension of the home almost year around in Albuquerque. Create an atmosphere that not only is inviting and welcoming to the buyer, but helps them envision the possibilities of entertaining in your home.


For more great information about staging and presenting your Albuquerque home to your next buyer, please contact Karla - she's just a great asset to your Albuquerque home sale!

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