Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#8 Albuquerque Home Staging Article - THE IMPORTANCE OF HIRING A PROFESSIONAL


Why hire a professional designer - to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes, for one. Secondly, to save on your time – a professional knows where to go and who to talk with. Your time is valuable and a designer can save you time, money and headaches, especially when it comes to knowing where to go. Thirdly, to obtain the desired result/outcome of the project. Many people think that watching HGTV gives them liberty to do everything themselves. This is a mistake. When you do not really know what you are doing – only think you do – that is the result a potential buyer sees, a “do it yourself job”. Not the result you should be going for.

In this economy, time is money and selling a house takes time – why waste it. Hire a professional – if only for a few hours. Perhaps you need help with picking out a new paint color, ideas on staging your home, what to take & what to keep, etc. The point is to sell your home as quickly as possible – this is not the time to be frugal. The term “spend money to make money” applies here more than you may realize. If you need to spend $20,000 to fix up your home to sell it, then do so if you are able to. You can increase the price of your home by $30,000 - $50,000 with these improvements and then the house can be listed in a higher category bringing in a new range of potential buyers. I know for a fact this works – I’ve done just that for clients. Good luck and stay positive!

If you need a professional in the Albuquerque area, please give me a call. Karla McWhorter Interior Styling by Karla Ph: 275-6819 & Cell: 228-3489

And for help selling your home once it's perfectly staged, please call Linda at the eTeam Real Estate Group.  I'm here to help with ideas, a complimentary market analysis and research tools to help you get started!
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