Monday, April 09, 2012

The Tech-Savvy Real Estate Solution

The Tech-Savvy Real Estate Solution By Andrew Hill @ Before you take one more step along your real estate journey, you need to ask yourself one important question: How Tech-savvy is my Realtor? I’m not talking how many gadgets, smartphone, or tablets, they have in their arsenal. I mean how effective will your agent have you in the online real estate market. Real estate is no longer the simple business it once was and a strong Internet presence is key. You want to be sure that your Realtor is getting the most home exposure possible for both buyers and sellers. After all, no matter what type of real estate transaction you are undergoing, more exposure will always be a benefit. So how can you tell if your agent is a web-master? The following pointers can help answer that question: A freshly updated blog is a good indicator. Blogs are great for keeping you, the reader/client, informed about the real estate market and local events/ideas that may be beneficial to your real estate adventure. Blogs also provide a great way to expose certain properties or trends in the local market, so that you can be in the know when you are ready to buy/sell. A powerful, MLS based map search is another great tool. This allows you to search through properties to get an idea of what you are looking for. Once you have narrowed down your ideas, you can select certain homes to tour. And because these homes are on your agent’s MLS search, this will make the process of touring the home much simpler. Likewise, if you are selling, the incorporation of an MLS search is crucial to getting your house the exposure it deserves. With approximately 90% of all home sales beginning with an online search, you wouldn’t want an agent to list your home without an effective map search, would you? Another great option is conducting your search via Neighborhood Searches. These are often extremely helpful for those who have a good idea of where they are looking at living and what standard of living they can expect. Having a mobile site is another great feature for those on the go. Yes, there are many real estate- apps available from large corporations, but the ability to see your personal Realtor’s website is a real luxury. Staying in contact with them without downloading an app and enjoying the many benefits of being connected wherever you’re at is an instant indicator of a tech-savvy Realtor. As you can see, the benefits of exposure and quick communication are vital to real estate, today. And for the best real estate transaction possible, you want to be sure that your Realtor has an effective online presence. If you’re looking for tech-savvy solutions to your real estate questions, be sure to contact Linda DeVlieg, today!
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