Monday, July 30, 2012

What is the single most important thing to do to sell my Albuquerque home?

People often ask me "what is the single best thing I can do to sell my house?"

I know that some Realtors will say "price it right", which is true.  Price can overcome a lot of objections and someone will buy something at the right price.  It has been to perceived as a great value for that buyer.  There is one out there.

But - if I could tell someone what the best thing is to do?  What can you do that will make someone say Yes to your home over another?

CLEAN!  Clean, and I mean clean like you have never cleaned before.  Do the "Up on the ladder and clean lightbulbs clean".....Nothing is more impressive than walking into a home, vacant or full of furnishings, than smelling and feeling what 'CLEAN' is really like.

So often I show a property to a prospective buyer, and while we are looking closely we see bugs in the windowsills, open up a custom cabinet and there is the drip from last night's creme brule.

It's not how we live on a day/day basis.  I know this.  I love a clean house, but I guarantee you will find dust bunnies and lint.  But I'm not selling my house, not right now.  When I have sold my own homes, I clean like it's a hospital.  They have always sold quickly.

There are some buyers, I grant you this, that only look at floorplans, or views, or ammenities...but if their decision is down between your home and the same floorplan down the street, guess which one will be the winner?

So, get down, get dirty and get it sparkling clean!!

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