Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Why do I have to be prequalified first, all I want to do is just start looking around?

Starting to look around at homes is a more sophisticated process than most people would believe.  If the homes are occupied, the owners need notification that someone is coming to see their home, which usually takes a lot of preparation and scheduling on their part.  Even if the homes are vacant, the Realtor has to set up the appointments to see the homes and plan a route.  It takes quite a lot of time and effort for the Realtor, the buyers and the sellers.

If you find the perfect home, and you haven't started the process to be pre-approved, you won't have time to do it before you write the offer.  Sellers will not entertain an offer on their home until they know that you can pay for it.  Someone else will buy the home you have just picked out.

If you are curious about neighborhoods and areas, open houses are a great way to get acquainted with how homes look and how it would feel to live in that area.  Often the sellers require you to 'sign in' when you view their home, and there will be a real estate professional present to show you around and tell you about the areas.

 For a list of open houses in your area, contact a real estate professional today and get your free up to date list !

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