Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How important are photos when marketing your Albuquerque home?

As a real estate broker I see hundreds of home photos a day. Every morning and every evening I check the MLS for new listings, and homes that have sold that day. I, like anyone else, am curious about the features of the home, inside and out. If I have not seen the home in person, I use the photos that are displayed in the MLS system.

I am always amazed at how some photos just don't do the homes justice. Some homes, granted, are difficult to photograph, but any photo paints a picture of what the home has to offer.

As a home seller, you should demand high quality photos of your property, no matter what the condition or location or price.

If the home needs work, take photos of the rooms and have your broker talk about the benefits of the home's living space and potential.

If it has views, make sure your broker takes good photos showing the views, views are EVERYTHING in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

If the home has a great kitchen, make sure multiple photos are taken to display the kitchen's features, and layout.

If the home has great street appeal, have multiple photos of the street view, and even include neighborhood photos. People love to see how the other homes on the street look, it gives them a feel for the location. You know what they say LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION

Most MLS's offer at least 25 photos to be displayed, why not have all 25 offered to the public? With the majority of home buyers using the Internet and websites to find their new home, why not have your home look the best it can in the Internet?


Also, do not let your broker put your home into the Internet without photos...ever. Photos not ready? Wait until they are and push that START button only when all of the information is complete and the home's photos are ready to go. Once your home hits the NEW LISTINGS category, you may lose that opportunity for that buyer to come back and see the photos. Most potential buyers will move on to the next home if a property is displayed with no photos. Preparation is KEY to getting your home sold for the most $$'s with the least amount of issues!

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