Monday, February 10, 2014

Does Marketing Matter?

When trying to market your home for sale, you may hear that marketing doesn't matter "put it in the MLS and let it sell."

When I have my consulting sessions with my Albuquerque home buyers, I will sit down at my office, in front of my TV monitor, and we go through the Multiple Listing Service directly, together - to see what is on the market. I start out with all of the homes on the market, and then we start adding in criteria that my buyers need in their home search. Their price range, their favorite locations, home features, home styles.

When the home choices come up on the screen, I then open up the photo slide shows and that's where the fun really begins! We will get to some properties for sale, and see dark photos, sideways photos, photos of toilets (open), photos of a counter top - and not one photo that shows the true personality and features of the home! My clients will waive those properties off, and say "No way, if they can't get a good enough photo I'm not going to bother to look." So, do you think good photos matter? Of course they do! The buyers are making this clear, even if I can't.

The most recent statistics say that 90% of home buyers start their home search on line. The search I am doing is one on one, but we are looking at the same photos that you will see on line at the public sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and - so how important are photos? Very important!

If 90% of the marketing is so important, then why are so many home sellers finding it acceptable to settle for less than quality photography for their home sale? No home/property should ever be short changed when it comes to photography !

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