Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leave the Scary Stuff up to ME

So, you want to buy a house! I can't imagine a more fun and frightening adventure all at the same time. Here's our plan and why I'm a Realtor:

Leave the frightening up to me.

Step One: Finding the house is super easy, really it is. You can use Zillow, Trulia,, My Site for Albuquerque Home Searches You will find a house! I guarantee it. With the occasional "hip pocket and it's our secret together" listing, all the houses that are for sale in the MLS are all OVER the internet. Even For Sale By Owners (not to be confused with brokerages which carry the same name and are Realtors), which are real live unrepresented sellers - you can find a house.

Step Two: Deciding what to offer. Well, okay that's where I slip in and give you some advice, but it's still clearly up to you. You are holding the oars in the water, you see how fast you want to paddle. Offer low, might slow the boat down. Might stop the boat. Offer strong and you start paddling that boat to shore.

Step Three: YOUR OFFER IS ACCEPTED! Wow, super fun - wowza, yey, hooray! what? Okay so you have to decide what inspections to order, who to order them from, how much are these inspections and what do they mean? What do we do with the title company? What's a title company? What do they do? When does the lender start working on our file? How do they get the paperwork to start working on our file? What will they need from us now? Holy candy what do we do? Wait, what's a surveyor and what's an ILR, and who arranges all of this stuff? You've got a job from 9-5, you've got a family, shopping trips, day care, pets to the groomers, when will we HAVE TIME FOR ALL OF THIS? Wait, and who talks to the other broker, what about the sellers, do we talk to them? Can we talk to them? How do we know when to call the utility company? How in the world are we ever going to get all of this done!? HELP!

Step Four: Sit back, relax and this is where my work begins. I know how to do all of this stuff. I really do. It's what I do. It's what fills up my days after I'm helping someone market their home for sale and driving people from one home that they have found to another...It's a system. A beautiful system once you know which buttons to push.

My hardest work in this business comes when your work is completed. You have found the house, you have stressed and worried that it is the right decision. Now it's my turn to take over the oars and make sure this boat comes to shore. To get this done you have to make sure you hire a broker who is:

Able to customize your process to your needs
Has great resources to make the process happen easily
Easy to reach

It takes a village. My village consists of reliable vendors, a great assistant and colleagues to assist me, 20 years of experience and commitment to your needs.

Oh, and the best part - I love scary stuff.

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