Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A note to all Albuquerque home sellers....

My message today is to all Albuquerque home sellers.

The message is simple. Contact your broker today and insist that they put into the private "broker to broker" remarks the following:

"Home to be shown to prequalified buyers only."

Simple. Why?

Many Realtors don't have the buyers prequalified before they put them in their car or meet them at your home. This is the single most effective screening process that there is. Don't you want to know that the person that is viewing your home has been properly screened to make sure they aren't just casing your home for a future problem? Don't you want to know that the person has had their financial background examined and has a relationship with a loan officer who has taken the time to find out if the homes they are looking at, they are qualified to purchase?

You might think that we are screening buyers before we meet them. Not all of us are. I do.

But let's make it simple - just request that you listing broker put that into their instructions to showing brokers. Do it today.

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