Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What is the Albuquerque Real Estate Market Doing?

It's doing nicely, thank you! Lots of questions lately about how the market is doing. It is following exactly the same pattern as it always does. Location is essential. Staging and preparation is essential, and pricing is TOPS. Resist the tempation to "chase" the market with your pricing. Don't start out high to leave room for negotiation. Don't leave this up to chance. Price right NOW. Negotiations will take alot of difference faces, and price sometimes isn't one of the elements. If you are priced right, a quick sale will happen - and I don't mean overnight..sometimes days...but you will see the results quickly. The Days on the Market has increased slightly, but only by a number of days. This can be attributed to the holiday period, so now is the time to dust off the THINGS TO DO and get your home ready to sell. Request a free on-line copy of my seller's preparation booklet -
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