Thursday, February 21, 2008

Which Storage Option Is Best For You?

During the moving process you may find yourself needing a storage facility to store your belongings. You may need help storing items between leaving your old home and before you can move into your new one. If you are selling your home, you may need to store some items to help reduce clutter during the showing process. Whatever your situation, there are different options, read more below to find one that will work best for you. Self Storage Facilities These consist of mini-storage units that can be rented in a variety of sizes to accommodate your storage needs. If you are not sure of what size you may need, use this estimator to help determine the best size you may need. This option works best for items that you are likely to retrieve, but don't have available space at home. Depending on the facility, self storage is usually convenient and accessible and reasonably priced. Typically you move your items into the unit yourself, or if you have a couple of heavier items, check to see if the facility offers a pickup. Find a self storage facility near you. Container Storage This type of storage can be used for long-term, portable storage. Many people refer to this type of storage as Pods , the containers are delivered to your home where you pack them and then can be stored at a storage center, and once you move to your new home, delivered at your doorstep for your convenience. This can be a time and money saving solution because you only have to pack once, you don’t have to move your items to the storage facility and then again to your final destination. Moving/Storage Facilities Many moving companies offer storage as an extra service to their moving capabilities. This can be very convenient as they simply load up your possessions, take them back to their facility and store them for you rather than dropping them off at your new home. Then, when you're ready, they load them back up again and deliver them. Questions To Ask Before You Store Your Items • Do you have insurance for the items you will be storing? Check your homeowners or renters insurance policies to see if they will cover items kept in storage. Don’t assume the storage facility will cover your items if they are damaged or stolen. • Ask the facility, what kinds of security measures are in place? • Is your access restricted to certain hours and if so will it cost you extra or do you need to give notice? • Might your possessions be moved without your permission at any time? • How are your possessions stored? Do you need special accommodations such as climate control? • Do you have to give notice or can you extend your time in storage if necessary? It is important to do your research, just like choosing a moving company, you want to be sure your things are in safe hands. In addition to asking the above questions, be sure to tour the facility before signing any contract. Click here to obtain quotes and find a storage facility near you.
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