Monday, March 31, 2008

For Sellers - how is this market going/

I'm often asked this - 'how is the market going, and how do I price my home'? Here is what I have been finding in the trenches - there are many types of "buyers" scouring the area right now looking for homes. The first type of home buyer is the "one time offer" home buyer. Don't be surprised when someone gives you a low offer and if you counter anything in the original offer they go to the next property. You, as a seller, are left to wonder "what the heck happened, did I do something wrong?" No, this buyer has lots of properties they are looking at and wants just one round to get the property they are looking for. Usually not "dream home" buyers, just seeing homes as an investment with no emotional attachment. So, if this happens to you, don't get discouraged especially if the buyer's offer wasn't anything near what you could live with. I'm getting lots of offers on listings, one right after the other, so just hold tight and the next type of buyer is coming your way...this type is: The buyer looking for a "home"...generally trying to find a beautiful turn-key type of property. Usually specific to area or ammenities, this buyer is looking for a well kept home showing pride of ownership. What is important to them is that the property has been well maintained and is in the area they are specifically looking for. This is why it is so essential to have your home staged perfectly at all times, and make sure that the condition soars above the competition. For more tips on how to stage your home, go to my site and sign up for the seller's eReport for HOME SELLING TIPS Be prepared that you may not be able to recover your initial investment in the property - but calculate how much your payments are setting you back and let the property go if you can - so that you can move on with your other plans. Albuquerque's home market is still healthy, but a bit more challenging. For all information on selling your home or buying a home in Albuquerque - VISIT MY SITE TODAY!
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