Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your Home's Identity Theft

I just heard a story on CNN that has relevance in today's high tech age. While we are all aware of scams involving our personal information, accessing our bank accounts, credit cards and ruining our credit rating, it is also possible for someone to tamper with your home's records in title. Fraudulent liens can be filed against your property. Of course these can be released but it takes contacting authorities to do so and if not discovered until you have a home sale, it can tie up a closing. Some are preparing fraudulent documents of transfer and recording with authorities to attempt to take your property. Nothing can be done to really prevent these things from happening, but be aware that it is a good idea to run a search of your property's documents of record periodically. This can be done by either going directly to the county clerk's office, or contacting a title company. There may be a small fee involved, but it is well worth the aggravation that can be prevented should this happen to you. For updated information on the market and to listen to my monthly PODCAST go to my site at
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