Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fix it yourself!

In these days of low funds and needed home repairs, I came across this today (On Christmas Day) and fixed my own dishwasher.

I'm one to have expensive home appliances. I like my kitchen looking like those that you see on and so my budget is usually spent on the appliance with nothing left over for repairs after the warranty runs out.

Last night before the big dinner my dishwasher started smoking and quit. Phhht.

I scheduled a service call, but couldn't get one until Monday.

Today I found a website called and paid $5.00 for the membership (lifetime) and asked the question on the forum. In 15 minutes I had a suggestion to open up the kick plate (easy it's on the front and lifts up) and look at the wiring. Shazaam, it had shorted out.

Through two more easy instructions I was able to fix it myself with some things I had saved in the garage, some old 'end clips' for the wiring (never throw anything away that can be stored and reused later)....and 2 hours later I'm back in business.

So, to fix things in your Albuquerque home just go to this site first, it's worth the try and could save you hundreds! I'm sure it saved me that much today.

Just love these guys.
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