Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Yes, that's right! I work for free when your home is for sale and listed with me.
I get paid when your home sale closes.
Until then, I work for free; all the photos that I take, all of the virtual tours, the marketing, the open houses, the continuing education classes that I take during the time your home is on the market - I'm paying for that. All of my office expenses, my paid assistant, my gas bill and my car maintenance, I'm paying for that.
While your home is for sale I'm networking with other brokers about your property, going on Realtor tours and learning about the market. I'm maintaining my websites and making sure that all of your property photos and marketing materials are up to date. I'm paying for that.
During some markets, I work for free for a few weeks. During some markets I work for free for months, even years.
I don't charge consulting fees, but I'm always here for your questions and concerns. When you pick up that phone or send me an email I'm not keeping track of billable hours. I do, however, answer your questions promptly.
Every quarter my Board requests that I pay them to keep my license and membership up to date. Every year I am required to take education classes so that I can be a better broker. Every week my office has sales meetings to update us on current legal news in the real estate industry.
I work for free, for you my client, because I love what I do. I love the results.
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