Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Music and real estate

Had an amazing time last evening watching YouTube videos of fantastic rock 'n roll shows from the 60's...wonderful music, and a wonderful time. Do you know how much a home cost back then? In New Mexico, the average price of a home was $76,900 - wow, amazing. Long term, your best investment is in your home - so why rent? Maybe short term for renting is fine....I remember renting a nice apartment in a nice part of town when I had a transitional time in my life but took the time to analyze what it would cost to own my own space instead of renting. I moved into a beautiful small condo in the same part of town for just a few dollars more and never looked back. Take a sneak peak at condos in Albuquerque and see if you would rather own your own little piece of the air instead of making your landlord rich.
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