Thursday, July 23, 2009

So, if you are wanting to SELL your Albuquerque home, what should you look for in a broker? Number One - find someone with great Internet presence! Why? Simple...that's where the buyers are. The buyers, over 80% of them, are looking on the Internet for homes. Find an individual broker who has high presence for a search for your area, for instance - I can't resist the personal promotion here - Albuquerque real estate - and list with that broker. They will expose your property to more buyers in more areas of the Internet than anyone else. They understand the value of good quality photos, property specific websites and quick contact through their email and text messaging programs for your property. Number Two - find someone with great Internet skills! Why? Go Green - paperless transactions, easy communication, great documentation through the transaction and showing updates for feedback on your property. Number Three - find someone with great education in the new rules and guidelines of the day, they are changing all the time. Why? Of course.
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