Wednesday, July 28, 2010

#5 in a Series of 8 Articles - ACCENT PAINT COLORS (Yes/No & Placement)

A most definite YES!! Adding a “Pop of Color” with an Accent wall painted sporadically through-out a home (using one or two accent colors) can not only have an impact, but can create architectural interest - in addition to effecting one's moods, emotions, blood pressure, etc. Even to the point of producing physical sensations such as joy, calmness, a feeling of luxury and romance - just to mention a few. With proper placement, an accent &/or contrasting color(s) within an interior space can enhance the atmosphere and make a space appear larger and more interesting to the visitor.

An interior with accent shades of color will captivate a possible buyer’s imagination to visualize themselves within the home - thus creating a feeling of “I’m home” or “this is it!”

Karla McWhorter

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