Thursday, July 08, 2010

Closing in the car!

Had another great experience with technology in my business yesterday. Coming back from the of our closings had been delayed and suddenly happened while we were driving home.

The title company emailed me saying docs were ready and the buyer would be in to sign. My client, one in Arizona and one in Poland, were to review everything prior to closing. Title emailed everyone the closing statement....I reviewed and found a change, then my seller in Poland emailed to ask questions..same from client in Arizona and all the while I'm riding home and reviewing everything via iPad.  The sellers had also been signing the contracts via Docusign so the entire process had been so easy and fast.  No delays.

By the time I arrived to lunch in Santa Fe the buyers were on their way to closing and by the time I got home to Albuquerque the buyers were getting the keys!

No delays and no fuss....what a great time to practice real estate sales!
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