Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can't find my dream home! Is your broker helping? GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Often I see buyer brokers who can't find their clients a new dream home, and when I inquire as to what they are looking for, their search is so narrow it's no wonder!

I hate to say it, but sometimes we really get in the way of what our clients' goals are. Let me explain.

A buyer will tell us specifically what they want - size, bedrooms, function, features....and then they tell us the price. It's often impossible. I said one day "Let's put a palm tree in the front yard and it might even become more difficult!" I was being facetious.

First, start by telling your broker what the features are that you require, do not put in an area or price. Give your broker the square footage, the number of bedrooms, the features....and then let's take a look at those results. If you see a pattern in the price results, you might be on to something. Is everything above your wished for price range?

Do you see a pattern in the locations, too? Some locations will give you the price point you need, and you and your broker might be getting in the way of WHERE you can buy a home like you need....let's search 'outside the box'

We as professionals sometimes go into the property search with pre-conceived ideas of where YOU need to live and may not take into consideration where you CAN live.

If you don't need an A+ school district, then don't live in one! If you don't need a high demand area, then don't pick a house in one! Sometimes our smaller, outlying communities are a great opportunity to find hot pockets of little gems that you will fall in love with IF your broker shows you those areas.

Keep in mind that you may be buying in an area that doesn't have a huge resale opportunity, but if you go into a property search with eyes wide open and your PROPERTY SEARCH WIDE OPEN, you may find the perfect home!

So, next time you are searching, don't search ZIP CODES OR NEIGHBORHOODS first, search by FEATURES and see what you find!

Want to sit down and go over all areas and see what your search results are? Contact me today!

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