Monday, April 14, 2014

How Buyers Can Irk Sellers

How Buyers Can Irk Sellers

I loved this article about how good behavior, or bad, can affect your real estate purchase!

1)  Keep your kids quiet, show up on time, don't rearrange the furniture and stay out of the bathroom.  The stories I have heard and experienced.....I had one colleague who had a family attend a showing (vacant house) and someone apparently used the bathroom and the water had been turned off.  She spent the next hour borrowing buckets of water from the neighbors in order to flush the toilets...that's all I'm going to say about that one.

2)  Don't remind the sellers how much you don't like the house, in the offer.   Yes, giving them a list of defects and problems doesn't exactly paint the picture of you being a willing buyer.  Submitting a 'love letter' for the house is much better!  In fact, a love letter can cushion the pain of a lower offer if you can explain, in plain language, why you really love the house (despite the defects).  Let the offering price speak for itself.

3)  Don't keep going back for visit after visit after you have the offer accepted.  And for heaven's sake do not take your friends to the inspections.  Don't!  I had one set of friends attend an inspection, and the friend thought she was adding to the inspection by turning on and off valves.  Turned into a $300 bill to have the water turned back on by a licensed plumber.  Resist the temptation to interrupt the seller by going back to measure and choose paint colors.

4)  Don't keep renegotiating - so if you think you might be tempted to get one more pound of flesh from the seller, do it up front.  You really will irritate the sleeping dog by going back and asking for this and that...Be sure of yourself going in and confident going to closing.

Buying and selling homes is strenuous!  I'm with you every step of the way, so leave it in the hands of a trained professional and trust their advice.

Remember a Realtor lives and breathes the real estate business every single day - they will be there to guide and advise - the Internet may get you to the house, the trained broker will get you to closing.

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