Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lofts in Albuquerque’s first skyscraper to cost half-million — minimum

PMBy: Todd Dukart In a city where the average home sells for about $190,000, the cheapest loft in Albuquerque’s oldest skyscraper will cost more than $500,000. Crews are finishing the Banque Lofts inside the old First National Bank building, which was built in 1922. The 27 luxury lofts come with a doorman, valet parking and concierge service, along with a plush interior. “It’s a product that you cannot get anywhere else,” said real-estate agent Alicia Feil with Coldwell Banker Legacy. “It’s time for Albuquerque to have a product like this.” Board of Realtors Director Nancy Kennedy says Albuquerque can support high-end real estate like these luxury lofts. A $1 million loft covers two stories with 2,000 square feet of real estate. That works out to $500 a square foot. Owners say four lofts have been sold, and it should take about a year to sell the rest.
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